What kit do I need to bring?

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What kit do I need to bring? Empty What kit do I need to bring?

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:18 am

As you can imagine space for 600 drummers in the NIA is going to take some organising and time will be at a premium so you are asked to try and keep your kit size to the minimum required by the Guinness book of records which is

Bass Drum, Snare, tom tom, hi hat and 1 x cymbal

A standard 1 up 1 down configuration will be the best solution for you and us.

Bass, Snare, 1 x Hanging Tom, 1 x Floor Tom, Hi Hat, Crash and ride.

Unfortunately we do not have enough electrical points around the building to facilitate Electronic kits, so this time its Acoustic kits only, sorry.

Oh and bring a mat of some kind 6' x 4' would be best. Rubber backed carpet will do if you don't have a drum mat.


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