SJC are backin me up!

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SJC are backin me up! Empty SJC are backin me up!

Post  Ajay308 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:57 am

Swish! pirat

Sent them an email to them the other day asking if they wanted to donate. Told them i was using a kit they made and they sent this back...

"We would love to help you promote this and can get our UK dealers (Sound Attak and Poole Percussion) involved as well. Let me know how this sounds and some more information so we can spread the word!" -Bryan

Me writing them back with a stupid grin on my face, i pretty much replied "hell yeah". All they want is a write up, pictures and links to my justgiving page. I'm just a bit stuck on a write up cos i never promoted myself for a charity. Any tips would be appreciated! I was thinking of a vlog to present it and include info on MS as well as trying to make it not boring.

I'm not sure, what would you like to see to encourage you to donate?

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